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Breaking the Chain (Lakes Loop)

7th October 2018
As I continued my ascent towards Herman Saddle, I took above photo – available for purchase on Darkroom

The Chain Lakes Loop is a nice day-hike accessible from Artist Point, near Mount Baker. I went on a Thursday, but a large parking lot means that parking shouldn't be too hard to find on a weekend.

Why Thursday? I needed a break from my current regimen of waking up, doing practice interview questions, and working on my software design portfolio all day. I hadn't been hiking since I got back from the Tetons. Really, I was anxious to get outside after sitting in my room for two weeks straight.

Hiking in the Cascades at this time of year has another bonus: the wild blueberries are ripe and ready to eat. They grow on small bushes with red leaves all along the trail. While they don't grow as large as their relatives in grocery stores, wild blueberries are still tasty, striking a good balance between sweet and tart. Try to pick some before the bears do – they're preparing for winter by stuffing their faces with as many blueberries as they can.

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Derek Meer

Derek Meer

A technology generalist looking to be a little better each day. Trying to balance perpetual self-redirection with a consistent set of core values. Still looking for a place to call home.

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